Friday, December 28, 2018

Here Are 8 Tips To Improve Your SEO Ranking

  Alexe John       Friday, December 28, 2018
Do you have a blog and nobody knows it exists?

Here are 8 tips to improve your SEO ranking

Finally you have the blog, the one that has cost you so much to take the step.

You strive to create good content and use quality images to hook your readers and give a positive image, conveying that you are thoughtful, creative and that you like what you do. But nobody visits it.

Perhaps you have forgotten an important point: rank your blog on Google. It had not even crossed your mind. You thought that with opening the blog and writing content on it, accompanied by nice photos and some infographics, it would be enough. Well, you are wrong.

Here are 8 Tips to Improve Your SEO Ranking

You need to know some tricks to gain visibility and increase your rank in the Google search. I will show you some of them:

1 - Search the keywords of your blog

What do you want to write about in your blog? When you have it clear, use Google Adwords to know what the most searched terms on that subject are.

Remember that if that keyword is sought by many people, it will be difficult to position yourself with it. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more specific content that differentiates you from the great competition, you will be more likely to come out in the top positions of Google.

For example, if your articles talk about hotels, however much you write about cheap hotels, you will not get anything, since there is a lot of competition. But, if you talk about cheap hotels romantic getaway, the odds will increase.

2 - Do not leave the default URL

The URLs of the post should be short, descriptive and should include the keyword. If instead, we choose to leave the default URL, full of numbers and symbols, Google will not understand anything and will not value it.

3 - Write attractive headlines

Follow the rules of copywriting to create attractive headlines, which start like this: how to create, 7 steps to, definitive guide, 5 tips, for example.

People do not like to read all the content, that's why they find an article more attractive in the form of a list, subsections and bold to go to the part that interests them most and see the article in one pass, capturing the most important.

4 - Name the images

When you upload an image to a post, please do not leave the name with which you download it from stock image website. Write a descriptive name in Alt tag, with no more than three words.

5 - Use plugins to help SEO

This step is very important to optimize the description of your post. Do not forget that this description is previewed in Google and depending on the creativity of your words, you can receive more or fewer clicks.

The plugin I use is All in One SEO Pack, it is intuitive and practical, and it is divided into title, description and keywords.

6 - Do not copy duplicate content

Google penalizes duplicate content from other websites.

There are thousands of news that are published daily, get inspired by them, in the topics they deal with, observe what people comment on other blogs or social networks and from there, with that information, start to shape your article.

7 - Share your content through social networks

The last step is to share your content through social networks.

Investigate what social networks your target audience is in and create profiles on social networks suitable to make noise and connect with your target.

Publish regularly and make visible the buttons of social networks on your blog to share the post if they liked it.

Keep in mind other aspects to be active in social networks like these:
  • The content is easy to share
  • Respond and interact with users
  • Program your posts and use measurement tools to improve your strategy
  • Prepares guest posts in other portals to attract visitors and improve positions in the Google ranking. 

8 - What you should not do

If you already know how Google works and you know what you want, do not go too smart to play with techniques like these:
  • Add keywords to your post without adding value
  • Hide links and texts to readers
  • Show content to search engines and other than readers
  • Use specific programs to copy an article and modify it, trying to make Google not aware
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