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10 tips to improve the ranking position of my website. Does it sound like something SEO

  Alexe John       Wednesday, January 9, 2019
The acronym SEO very fashionable today in the online world. " Search Engine Optimization " ie optimization of website for search engines. Let's say that SEO refers to all the good practices necessary to optimize your website and that will make you gain relevance in a natural way in search engines like Google. With a good SEO we will reach top position in search engine result pages. Depending on the keyword you target, you will get potential customers as well as conversions from your website.

Now, everything must follow some objectives and a strategy , for more "good practices" that you do, if your content does not offer the necessary value to captivate your target audience we will not get anything. Let's put it from this point of view,

before thinking aboutimproving the positioning of my website  with a good SEO, we must first analyze if we are sending the right message that offers a solution to the needs of the public that we want to reach.

How to improve the ranking of my website

1- THE message is the basis.

With this, before thinking about how to optimize the message so that it gains the maximum visibility, we must be aware of what we say is good enough in itself to provoke the user to click. For this it is very important to know your users or potential customers, what motivates them? What are their needs? You must discover what they like to have on a silver platter.

2- Find the appropriate keywords

To know better what users are looking for, better said with what search keywords do I recommend these free google tools. Google Trends helps you locate search trends while Keyword Planner is a planner for keywords .

3- Originality first of all

Once you know which keywords to use, you should focus the content based on those keywords. Keep in mind that it is worth more quality than quantity when it comes to improving the ranking of a website. The content must be original and unique, it is not worth doing Copy and Paste from other websites. This Google penalizes it. What you can do is to extend or give your opinion of other articles but making reference of where the information comes from. Now, when talking about content I do not mean just in the form of text, there are more ways to offer content and even combine them, images, photographs, videos, audios, pdf files ... If we offer multimedia to our articles, we will be enriching it and it will be an added value that will attract more traffic.

4- Optimization of content

Now, once we know who we are targeting, what we want to say and with what keywords we are going to focus, we will work on the pages of the website so that the content has the highest probability of gaining visibility on its own. For this it is interesting to work the keywords throughout the entire page.I recommend for this a very useful plugin that will serve as a guide when managing the keyword. It's called Yoast and it's very simple to use. If your website is in WordPress, Jooma or Drupal you can easily install it and start working on all the articles and sections of the site.

5- Generate Backlink

Once we have the web optimized with all the articles ready, we can think of a strategy to make it known. An alternative is to generate backlink, that is, encourage or generate links on other websites that point to ours. This will help us raise our PageRank. Google's operation is based on the importance and relevance of the pages it offers as search results. A greater relevance greater positioning. For this Google has a list where it categorizes the level of relevance of each web. This list is called PageRank. To give you an idea, the Page Rank it works by votes, a link that points to your website is a vote for more votes that you get, the higher the ranking will be. Not all votes have the same value. The link from a website with a PageRank higher than yours is worth more and this will help raise your position. A simple way to generate backlinks is through social networks, other blogs and forums. A very interesting one is G +, since it is Google's social network par excellence and what is published there is indexed directly.

6- Keep the frequency

Think that the web must have updated content as much as possible, for a very simple reason ... you may have captivated a user in his first visits but if after a while he finds nothing new ... will not return. To avoid this, it is important to give him a reason to return. If we offer regularly updated content it will motivate the user as well as search engines to revisit our website, we will be offering more value based on their needs. (on the other side, Google knows when we upload new content because their robots are always watching what we publish and they index it) For this it is very useful to implement a blog on your website and that the posts are in preview on the home page. That way when a user returns, the first second you can see something new without having to search. If you decide to implement a blog, I would recommend trying to start a biweekly post, then as you can you can increase the frequency. But yes, keep the frequency because the rate of publications also benefits you in the face of google.

7- Let's take care of the design

At the same time we give importance to web design, usability and navigability. In the case of an article it is also very important to present the content in an attractive way. A simple example would not help the user much if we present the content with difficult-to-read fonts, right? or that when you scroll down, the content disappears due to a layout error. We must present the content thinking about the behavior of a user, the easier and more attractive we put it, the longer we will retain it.

8- Let's find the channels

A website with little age does not usually generate many visits by itself, for them it is necessary to generate a boost, in this case it is very timely to find the most appropriate channels to reach that audience that interests us and turn it into quality traffic. Eye Twitter and Facebook are non-strategy technologies. That is to say that your neighbor is on Twitter does not mean that you should be. Each channel is a world and according to what things you have to know which is the most appropriate according to your audience.

9- Analyze results

No online strategy works if it is not measurable. Through Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, they will help you to be aware of the performance and traffic of your website through good and clear statistics . It’s super useful to know where your traffic comes, which of all the keywords you found, how long they have been your visitors on your website and what page has more visits, all these and many more features from this free tool.

10- Rectify and re-implement

The best part is that it can be corrected in time. That is, with the statistics you can have real - time control and see in advance where we are wrong, we are perhaps focusing on a keyword that ultimately does not give the desired results, or we can simply optimize resources to maximize performance. The websites must be alive, we must be aware of them and take care of them, because in the end it is our digital point of reference. It's your office or your online store and we should treat it with the same love and attention as if it were our real office.

From another point of view, when it comes to improving the positioning of your website, imagine that your new website is as if it were your brand-new store. If nobody knows the address they will never arrive, right? If the store does not have good visibility on the street, pedestrians will not see it when passing and will not enter, right?  a web is the same, if we do not make an effort to make it known nobody will come to see it.

Thanks for reading 10 tips to improve the ranking position of my website. Does it sound like something SEO

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