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When to upholster a sofa and know if it's worth it

  Alexe John       Thursday, February 28, 2019
The sofa is one of the pieces of furniture in which we invest more money. When you have a few years we will have to choose when to upholster the sofa and know if it is worth it. Or maybe it is better and cheaper to buy a new one.

Generally, we look for a piece that lasts for years, that is easy to maintain and that, with these conditions, does not go out of style. If you think that your sofa is old, old or damaged and you do not know what to do, follow these tips as appropriate.

The seat of the sofa is sunken and deformed, what to do?

If the seat is not in its best state it can be due to two things:

1) The cushions have lost consistency -Something quite common when the filling is made of polyurethane foam rubber.


Order an upholstery in the same way as the old one (or two or three, depending on the seats) and replace it. Buy a medium density foam rubber, so it is neither too hard nor too soft. In places where they sell you can advise.

If you think you have enough skill, you can do it.

To do this commission the plates and using as a template the fabric or the previous plate, delineates it with a marker on the new one. You can go trimming with a long knife, a saw with a handle or even a jigsaw. You must be careful that they remain completely vertical to avoid oblique cutting.

2) The structure is damaged - This situation is more common when the base is of springs, metal or wood without complete structure.


If the cushions are in good condition, try putting a sofa rectifier under them. They are rigid plates that serve to save-though not definitively-that sinking. In this link you can see what a rectifier looks like.
What to do when the sofa upholstery is very worn or broken?

If the upholstery of the sofa is definitely in poor condition the solution is: reupholster it.

But, before doing so, you must assess the cost of that work and ask for a budget. You must add:

The foam rubber of the cushions (if they are not of another filling that can be saved) that you have to multiply by the total of cushions that the sofa has.

The upholstery fabric. These fabrics are usually expensive because they have better quality and more expensive compositions than textiles for other functions. To calculate the meters you have to measure the sofa: width x length x height. In addition, you have to measure each of the cushions and add to the total of the fabric.

The workmanship of the upholstery

Any professional you go to will make a prior quote. Check, at least, in three places. We also offer Sofa Upholstery in Dubai.

When you have the budget, decide weighing the quality, the love you have or the design of your old sofa and the cost of reupholstering and comparing what would cost you a new one. Check prices online and visit a store to get a better idea.

With the exceptions that it is an antique, a precious heritage or an excellent quality, surely the cost will not compensate the price of a new sofa. Especially if you have numerous cushions.
Other solutions for a damaged or old-fashioned upholstery

The simplest is to put some covers.

If your sofa is of any brand or manufacturer that includes them in its catalog, you just have to go to the store or order it.

Otherwise there are covers that are marketed and fit many measures and designs of sofas.

Contact the nearest furniture shop to get things done.

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